Rebecca Shaw and Andrew Wreggitt
Rebecca Shaw and Andrew Wreggitt

Andrew Wreggitt and his wife, Rebecca Shaw, have been writing plays together since 1991, when they wrote Ms. Lone Pine for Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, Alberta.

In 1992, Wreggitt and Shaw wrote The Wild Guys, a play about four men who, for very different reasons, wind up on a “men’s awareness weekend” in the bush. Andy, Robin, Randall and Stewart — guys for whom “hunting and gathering” means looking for the produce section at the grocery store — bring all their neuroses, hang-ups, blind spots and bald spots to a men’s weekend in which none of them has much genuine faith. What they discover, however, is that each of them is profoundly needy in some way and once the well-fortified doors to their psyches have been battered down, there’s no controlling what will happen next!

The Wild Guys was commissioned and developed by Lunchbox Theatre’s Stage One, The Petro-Canada Plays, in Calgary, Alberta and premiered in its one-act form in September 1992. It went on to be the Grand Prize Winner in the Canadian National Playwriting Competition (Ottawa); a Finalist in the Canadian National Playwriting Competition (Vancouver); and a Finalist for the Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award from the Writers Guild of Alberta. Since then, The Wild Guys has been a hit with audiences in more than 100 professional theatres across North America, including the Arts Club, Vancouver, B.C.; Horizon Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; Les Productions Avanti Plus, Montreal, Quebec (in French); and Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton, Ontario. It has been made into a feature film and continues to run in various theatres every year. It will appear in another French translation in the summer of 2014 in Quebec.

Calgary playwrights Rebecca Shaw and Andrew Wreggitt hit the nail on the head with this very funny satire of the ’90s men’s movement — which also serves up some serious thoughts about eternal male communication problems. Calgary Herald

The Wild Guys 433 x 640

The Wild Guys (two-act) was published by Blizzard Press in 1993. The Wild Guys (one-act) is included in the anthology Four by Four by Four, Edited by Clem Martini, Red Deer Press, 2008.

Other Shaw-Wreggitt plays include Ms. Lone Pine, Two-Step, Dunvegan Cross, and Escape From Golf Camp.

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